Missouri State Bookstore

Sell Back Textbooks

At the Missouri State Bookstore we buy back books from students. Based on inventory demands students can receive up to 50% of the new price. Books for which we have no adoption information will be bought back at national market price which is based on the popularity of the book, along with supply and demand. Old editions and out of print books generally have little or no buyback value.

The University Bookstore buys books year round based on national fair market value, but the best time to sell your books is generally during semester finals.

Fall 2014 Buyback Dates and Locations:

LocationDateDay and Time








Dec: 1st -4th

Dec: 5th

Dec: 6th

Dec: 8th-11th

Dec: 12th







DateDay & Time

Lot 19 and 22

Hammons & Hutchens

Strong and Glass Hall

Dec: 3-4 & 8-11

Dec: 3-4 & 8-11

Dec: 8-11