Faculty Resources

Messages we wish to convey

  • We need faculty textbook adoption information by the requested deadline so that we can have your course materials available when your students need them, and so that we can provide your students with as many used books as possible, including those bought back from our students at the end of the term
  • We want faculty to be well informed so that they can assess the comparative advantages and values of bundles, custom texts, and traditional textbooks
  • We feel it is important that you understand the implications of recommending Internet book sources to our students

We will discuss each of these topics below:

We ask for adoption information about six weeks before the prior term ends. Knowing early on which materials faculty will be using has a positive impact on everything we do, and gives us time to:

  • Review all requests to ensure that we understand the exact material you want and can properly identify the ISBN and publisher or other source
  • Search for used books on the national market
  • Make it possible for us to buy back those texts that you have re-adopted for the upcoming term for up to 50% of the new price to students on campus
  • Communicate with faculty if there are problems, such as titles being out of stock, out of print, or available in a new edition