Adoption Form Instructions

  • Supply detailed information including Author, Title, Publisher, and ISBN, if available. If you believe a newer edition might be available, indicate which edition you prefer.
    • (Please be aware that if you choose an old edition, we may have difficulty finding enough, if any, books to supply your class.)
  • Be sure to indicate if the text is Required, Optional, or Choice Between Items Listed.
    • If you have No Text Required for your class, indicate it on the adoption form.
    • (Please note: We need information on every section.)
  • When adopting Course Packets, provide detailed information such as:
    1. New Course Pack
    2. Use existing Course Pack
    3. Revising old Course Pack
    • We need a proof ready copy for printing, and citations on each item included for checking copyrights.
    • (Please note: Some copyright approvals can take up to 8 weeks)
  • Notify your Textbook Buyer for any additions or changes to your adoptions. Forms can be faxed or emailed to us for prompt service.
  • Our deadline for adoption forms are set to provide us adequate time to purchase as many used copies as possible through Buyback and other Wholesale programs.

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