Missouri State University currently supports cloud-based "Clickers" from Turning Technologies.  If you are registered for a class requiring a Clicker, it will be on your booklist.

If you don't have a clicker:

  • Purchase a new QT2 Clicker, along with an included 5-year Cloud Access Code. 

If you have already purchased a QT or NXT Clicker and need Cloud Access, we have two options available:

  • Purchase a 1-year Cloud Access Code.
  • Purchase a  2-year Cloud Access Code.

The Bookstore will not carry Cloud Access Codes for lengths any longer than 2 years. If a student has more than 2 years remaining in school, the student is encouraged to purchase the new QT Clicker with 5-year Access Code. 

Need help setting up your Clicker?

Contact by Phone: Turning Technologies Campus Interns at 417-836-3276.

Contact by Email:

The intern office is located in the Bear CLAW on the 1st floor of Meyer Library.

Additional tech support is provided through Turning Technologies.

Call toll-free at 1-866-746-3015

Email at