Custom Course Pack Instructions

Do you want to create your own course materials to use for your class? We can print them for you at the Missouri State Bookstore. Follow these instructions to learn how.

1. We will need a proof-ready copy (PDF or hard copy)

  • Proof-ready means exactly how you want it printed
  • Make sure you print page numbers on your proof

2. Are there copyrighted materials that need approval?

  • We need the citations for the materials to clear through Copyright Clearance
    • It can take up to 8 weeks to receive approval
  • We will send you final pricing for approval

3. Decide how you want your custom course material put together

  • Three hole punched and shrink wrapped
  • Tape bound
  • Spiral bound
  • Copied to a USB drive (students will also need to purchase a USB)
  • Black and white or color printing
  • Black and white print on color paper
  • Perforated paper
  • Color paper as dividers

4. Decide how many desk copies you will need for instructors

We use a Bookstore custom cover to protect your rights and the rights of the University. We work with Copy This to create your course pack. We work together to get your materials into the hands of your students.