Textbook FAQ

Frequently Asked Textbook Questions

What is an ISBN?

The ISBN is the Internal Standard Book Number. This number is unique to every book. It identifies the publisher, country, author, title, and edition of the book. 

Where do I get an examination or desk copy?

Since most publishers offer free desk copies to instructors, it is best to contact your sales rep or contact the publisher directly. Your department Admin Assistant should be able to help you with this.

If you cannot get a copy from the publisher, you may purchase one from the bookstore and receive a 10% discount. Bring your complete budget number if you want to charge it to your department. 

Why is it important to turn in my information to the Bookstore?

Supporting the Bookstore supports the University. All bookstore profits belong to the University. Our financial contribution helps to fund various projects and services on campus. 

Some students who receive assistance purchasing their course materials MUST purchase them from the MSU Bookstore. These students include Athletes, Active Military, Veterans, or any other students utilizing third-party payment. If they have to bring in their syllabus for us to order books, it only delays getting books into the hands of students. 

Does the MSU Bookstore need Open Educational Resource information? 

It is important to notify the MSU Bookstore when OER materials are chosen, including print versions (if desired)

We can add the link to the OER onto the booklist. Students will have access to the materials as soon as a link to the resource is posted, at no charge.

We can also offer low-cost print versions of the resource for students who prefer a printed copy. 

Can I add anything my students need to the booklist?

We can add anything your students need to be successful. 

Some items we have listed include:

  • Protective eyewear, safety gloves, and lab coats
  • Calculators, headphones, iPads
  • Theatrical makeup kits
  • Sewing notions
  • Art supplies
  • Sheet music

If we can get it, we can add it to the booklist.

Can I adopt old edition books?

Yes, you can. However, depending on how long the book has been out of print, it could be difficult to find copies. Once a publisher publishes a new edition, they stop production on the old edition and get rid of any stock they may have left. 

We will try our best to find as many old edition books as we can. Unfortunately, sometimes we are not successful. 

What do I do if there is a problem?

Notify us as soon as you discover a problem such as:

  • The printing of the book has several mistakes
  • The wrong book was adopted for my class
  • I want to change the book I originally selected
  • I am now teaching someone else's class and I do not want to use the books they selected

No matter the problem, our job is to get the correct materials into the hands of your students in a timely manner. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied and we will never make your students pay for a mistake. For whatever reason, we will give a full refund to students if they do not have the correct materials for class. 

Our job is to get the correct materials you request into the hands of Missouri State students in an efficient and timely manner. Student Success is our priority.