StreamlinED Auto Access Program

StreamlinED Auto Access Program is a seamless means of connecting students and faculty with digital course materials through one delivery gateway: Missouri State's learning management system. This direct-digital distribution-billing model saves time and money and makes course materials accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices on the first day of class.

  • StreamlinED is less expensive than traditional textbooks
  • StreamlinEd includes a suite of digital learning tools
  • StreamlinED eliminates delay
    • Materials are available on the first day of class
  • StreamlinEd is easy to use
    • You are set up to receive the materials as soon as you enroll for class
  • StreamlinED titles are automatically billed to your student account
    • The University bills StreamlinED materials at the point of registration
  • StreamlinED is guaranteed to have the correct course materials
  • StreamlinED offers an affordable loose-leaf printed copy as an optional companion to the digital material.