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Adoption Due Dates

  • Summer Adoptions Due Mid-March
  • Fall Adoptions Due End of March
  • Spring Adoptions Due Mid-October

We ask for adoption information about six weeks before the prior term ends. In order to comply with the textbook information requirements of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, the Missouri State Bookstore needs to list adopted textbooks on our website by the time registration starts for each semester. It also gives us time to:

  • Search for used books on the national market
  • Help students to plan for all costs related to their courses
  • Review and confirm that we have the exact materials you want
  • Make it possible to buyback readopted textbooks and give up to 50% of the price to students on campus
  • Give the Disability Resource Center time to process alternate media requests for students. This can take 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Communicate with faculty when issues are found such as:
    • New and old editions
    • Out of print or out of stock editions 
    • Release date of new editions
    • eBook versions
    • More affordable versions of the text
  • Add the title to our end-of-semester Buyback list and put more money in our Student's pockets. (We pay up to 50% of the new price)

The Missouri State Bookstore is University owned and operated. All profits from the Bookstore go toward support of Missouri State programs and Services. 

We appreciate your efforts to cooperate with our due dates.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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