Missouri State University Bookstore Rental Agreement

The Missouri State University Bookstore’s textbook rental program allows students attending Missouri State University (University) the opportunity to rent selected textbooks for the duration of the current academic semester according to the terms and conditions outlined below.

By signing this Textbook Rental Agreement (Agreement), I acknowledge that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age, a current student of the University (with a valid student ID) and have read, understand, and agree of my own free will to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The textbooks rented to me are the property of the University, and that I must return all textbooks rented through this Agreement in salable condition to the University by the end of the rental term.
  2. I will be required to secure the rented textbooks with payment acceptable to the University (including, but not limited to University accepted credit card/debit card, University student account, or other acceptable form of payment) at the time of rental in the event of damage or failure to return the textbooks rented under this Agreement.
  3. Textbooks rented under this Agreement are for one academic semester only. If the same textbook is needed for subsequent semesters, I must return the textbook to the University by the rental return deadline (see Section 7 below) and re-rent the book(s) for the following semester.
  4. I have the option to purchase the rental textbook from the University within the first ten (10) days of the fall or spring semester, or during the first five (5) days of the summer semester, for the regular retail price of the textbook based on its original condition, new or used (plus applicable tax), and have my rental fee refunded.
  5. I can return my rented textbooks for a full refund anytime within the first ten (10) days of the fall or spring semester, or during the first five (5) days of the summer semester, only if I drop the class for which the textbook is required. I will be required to bring the rented textbook, my rental receipt and confirmation of the dropped course to the University Store to get my refund.
  6. Rental Charges will be refunded only upon the following:(1) proof that the course was canceled by University, (2) if the class is dropped within terms outlined above or (3) if the rental textbook is subsequently purchased. I understand that my rental fee is non-refundable for any reason after the first ten (10) days of the fall or spring semester, or after the first five (5) days of the summer semester.
  7. I will return all textbooks rented pursuant to this Agreement to the University’s Bookstore by no later than 5 p.m. on the last day of the academic semester for which the textbook was rented. I understand that the Bookstore will apply a charge of $10 in addition to the Replacement Cost (defined as the difference between Rental Price and Retail Price) for any book not returned by the rental due date.
  8. Normal highlighting and writing in rental textbooks is permitted and acceptable. However, if I return my rental in incomplete or unsalable condition (including, but not limited to, damage to the cover or spine, torn pages, water damage, fire damage, or any other condition that materially affects the textbook’s further use) I will be charged the Replacement Cost of the textbook plus tax. The University Store determines salable condition and all such decisions are final.
  9. I am fully responsible for any loss or theft of the rented textbook.
  10. I understand that the Bookstore will charge to my credit card either the Non-Returned Charge or the Damaged Charge listed on the rental receipt plus sales tax for each book that is either not returned to the Bookstore by the rental due date or not in a complete and salable condition.
  11. I understand that, if the Bookstore is unable to charge the Non-Returned Charge or the Damaged Charge to my credit card, these amounts will be charged to my Missouri State Student Account.
  12. I understand the University Store reserves the right to deny me of future rental opportunities should I fail to adhere to the terms and conditions of this Textbook Rental Agreement.

Last revised: 12/19/2019